I have a Line 6 Spider I amp that has been functioning perfectly the past few years, but it suddenly started producing an odd buzzing/humming noise. At first I thought it was the speaker, so I switched my speaker out with my friend's speaker (same model) but no luck. I can plug in headphones to the amplifier and the headphones will not produce the buzzing/humming noise. Solution ideas?
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could be the outlet you're plugging it into that's causing the noise
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maybe your guitar cable, input, wiring something like that.maybe some grounding problems
Thanks for the suggestions.

ItsThatDude: I don't think it is the outlet, as I've plugged it in different outlets in different houses and rooms. Thanks for the response though. All help is appreciated.

jose1216: I was thinking it might be a grounding problem, how would I go about fixing that? I've tested it with different guitars and cables so I don't believe the guitar cable (or guitar jack as another site I checked claimed it could be). I'm thinking its probably not the input jack because if it was I would still hear the humming when using the head phones. Thank you, as I said earlier, all help is appreciated.
well to make sure like you said use another guitar if it still hums then its not the guitars or cables. so try unplugging everything from your amp like you pedals guitar like nothing pluged into it but have it turned on. if it still makes the noise then its the amp.maybe its input or something, and to fix that you would have to see if its soldered on and everything is connected right but when taking apart an amp they still can shock you even when not on so unless you know what you are doing you could maybe take it to get checked out
If it's not a problem when you use headphones, then I don't think it's the input. Does the buzz increase with volume and/or gain?

I'd contact Line 6 support. See what they have to say as well.
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