Hey UG,

I'm looking for a les paul body shape with 24 frets, good upper fret access, and a wide, flat, thick neck. Any ideas?

So far I've come across the Schecter Solo 6 (Hellraiser/blackjack), Dean Deceiver, and
Ibanez artist. I've never liked Ibby necks, so it's out. I really like the finish on the Dean, I think they call it transparent brazillia, but I've read that the hardware craps out quickly. Plus dean has a wonderful reputation here...

Leaning towards the Schecter, just wanted to see if you guys knew of any other options. Especially if they have a finish like the Dean.

I think the Solo 6 is a fine guitar for the price. Even better used.
Look at the LTD line too.

inb4bashing explanation: play every guitar, pick the best one. Buy it. Done. Don't take brand into account, just buy the one you like.
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Quote by AWACS
Look at the LTD line too.

inb4bashing explanation: play every guitar, pick the best one. Buy it. Done. Don't take brand into account, just buy the one you like.

excellent advice.
A big factor will be comfort, how comfortable and how you feel when you play those guitars.
Schecter make nice guitars, and the Solo 6 would do you fine. Do look at the LTD EC401 or EC500(discontinued, but used it is available. The Epiphone Prophesy LP is soposed to be an excelent guitar also.

The PRS Tremonti se is probably the best value for quality/playability with a LP style shape.
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Definitely give an ESP/LTD a look. 24 jumbo frets are excellent. Schecter is nice though, that'll probably be the next guitar I get.

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Why would you toss out the Ibby? Have you tried it? The ARZ / AR series of Ibanez has a very different neck profile from the RG / S / X series. The necks are thicker on the ARZ / ARs.
Okay...another question, more for the metalheads out there. How important is it to have 24 frets with modern hard rock/metal? I ask because I'm really leaning towards a Solo 6 Custom, but it only has 22 frets.
dont look at the brand play them both take the one you love most. it's like this with everything in life, women, cars so even guitars.

also dont let the hardware influence you too much hardware is the easiest to swap out of upgrade.
Epiphone Prophecy. Excellent for the price. They look great, have all the hardware you want, so replacing anything isn't nessesary and all have very fast necks.

To answer that guy's question about the number of frets, having 24 frets is always better than having 22, particularly if you're a metal player. But it also depends if you're mainly into a leads, if that's the case, 24 frets are going to be nessesary to play certain lead sections. It's not the end of the world if your guitar has 22 though. You can always bend up to a high E and hope you don't break a string.
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