I recently got two bass cabs that are covered in some old black carpet that look like a poodle that got hit by a car. I'd like to refinish them in truck liner for the ease of it, but I'm tired of black gear. Anyone know if you can paint over dried bed liner? I'd love to slap some color on it and clear that for a super finish. Anyone know what can and can't be used or maybe has some and can do a test? I'm wanting to probably do krylon indoor outdoor acrylic since it's so abundant and many choices.
I expect you'll have to get a colored version to start with, like this;

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if you take white bedliner to a paint store, they can tint it to just about any color you want.

Most Line X/Rhino liner shops will spray anything if that is an option.

EDIT: it must be in 1 gal paint bucket though.
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