Hey guys. I'm looking to make a song mash up of as many songs as i can find using the 1, 5, 6, 4 chord progression. I know it has been done by a group before, they used 36 songs, and i am trying to use different songs (as many as I can find). Bonus points to who ever names the most songs, haha. Oh, and don't just copy down the names of the songs from the group that did this already. that would be pointless
Does someone know a theory lesson where those IV stuff gets explained?
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That's too many chords.
Jesus christ we get it. 2 chords is pushing it, E chord is cool, etc. We're aware of these ideas...
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3 can be acceptable in rare occasions though, but this tomfoolery in OP is beyond jazz or something.
I assume the rare occasions are in Blues music?
most of blink 182's discography

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Chords are named by letters, not numbers

Jesus Christ I hope you're joking.




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My God, this must be the smartest/greatest guy ever.
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Search Axis of Awesome- Four Chords.

Or the Pachelbel Rant, by Rob Parovian if I remember correctly.

EDIT: But really, just go listen to the radio, you're bound to find one. I'm pretty sure I heard it in one of Adele's songs.
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Chords are named by letters, not numbers

I've just had a good browse on Sickipedia, but your post made me laugh the most
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