OK.... here goes my first thread. I always wanted to play guitar. I'm 42 and decided to get started. Having never played before and not knowing a thing I purchased an ESP LTD EC-1000 ASB with Seymore duncan JB/59 pickups. 24 fret. I like the thin neck. I wasn't really pleased with the Les Paul necks. Too round and thick. I also picked up a Spider Jam. The thing is awesome with all the programmed song effects.

First off... My finger tips were raw for the first two weeks. Now they are hardened, nasty looking and numb. But it doesn't hurt to play anymore.

I haven't taken lessons yet but picked up a few finger exercises and proper hand positioning. I have gained some finger independence and feel like I'm progressing but slowly.

I decided the first song I was going to learn was Led Zeppelins "Ten Years Gone" off youtube and playing the song off the album. I love Led Zeppelin and I love this song. Was this wrong of me to do? Now... is this song hard because it has taken me about 1 month to work up to the part of the guitar solo. I have a new respect for Jimmy page. Not the cleanest player ever but the genius behind the composition of the music is incredible. I found out the song consists of 3 different guitar tracks. I wish I would have figured that out first.

Some of the chords are really hard to land on the strings such as the bar chords. Should I be learning easier songs? I wish I was progressing faster. Is it normal to take a month to 1/2 a song like this if you never played before? I'm trying to play it with emosion and feeling. Not just hammer out the music. Is playing the guitar really this tough. Damn you jimmy page!

I have also learned some portions of Pink Floyd songs like "Wish You Were Here". Candlebox "Cover Me" and AC/DC "Back In Black". They seem relatively easy compared to "Ten Years Gone". Any input?
if your just starting out that seems to be working
it took me a couple months to before i could barre comfortably
barreing is hard

you seem to be prgressing well just keep it up and youll be rocking in no time
You actually seem to be progressing at a good rate seeing as you know some of your stuff.
and yeah led zepplin is going to be difficult when you're first starting out just give it some time.
but if you want to make serious progress fast, you should consider taking lessons.
keep looking stuff up on google and youtube and you should be fine.
If you're playing any Zeppelin piece to speed cleanly a month in, you're in pretty good shape. Definitely keep practicing Ten Years Gone, since it sounds like it's a really good challenge, albeit one that is entirely doable. It's good to see that you're learning other songs, too. A lot of beginning players start out trying to learn one song that they really like, discover they can't play it right off the bat, and then lose motivation and don't practice any more. Learning some songs that are on the easier side is really a confidence builder and it's a great way to measure your progress. Over time, if you stick with guitar, you'll start to think that Zeppelin is on the easy side of things.

One piece of advice: see if you can find lessons. You don't need formal lessons and theory and all that right now, so a friend who also plays is just fine. Really, anyone with some experience who can tell you whether or not your technique is good and you're not doing anything that's going to become an issue down the road. I know that when I started out, the toughest thing for me was getting my basic techniques down. I didn't have a teacher, but I really wish I had gotten a couple lessons. A few months of using bad technique made for a few months on top of that learning to use more correct technique. So find a lesson or two on the side and keep playing. That's all you really need at this point.
I think your dextierity is the only problem. If you think jimmy page is nuts, listen to shredders. Make sure you warm up until you feel loose.

I cannot stress this enough, because you will end up with damaged phalangie tendons very quickly. Just remember your guitar will probably push you around since your a newbie (Feels weird calling someone 30 years older than me a newbie), but you can do it. If you feel like you aren't getting enough strength from the guitar after a year or two, try getting one of those finger strength builders from Dicks or whatever sporting goods store is around. They help but I'd only use it when I was in school.

Again, dextierity. Pretty cool beans and remember Jimmy Page didn't do it in a month and a half either.

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