I'm selling my 100w Kustom head because i have no use for it. I bought it just for the sake of having a head but later realized I was fine with my combo amp for now. Plus, i'm in a metal band and it hasn't got the right tone for metal. Although, it has a brilliant tone for classic rock such as Zep or Ac/dc. And it sounds kinda punky too. The clean is perfect for indie too! It has built in effects for almost everything! It has a lead channel with boost and mid, treble, bass, re-verb, volume....Everything it needs. It also has a rhythm setting with a bright switch too so it can have that extra oomph. I bought it brand new and used it about twice so it's practically new. It's in perfect condition. I do not have the box for it because it didn't come with it when i bought it from the music shop.

I would preferably like £250 for it!
I may be willing to trade it for a guitar or something depending on what it is.
I can ship it out to the UK or can be collected.