i've been playing for years now, but been more on the jazzy side of things. I now want to move to the ROCK side...any tips on SOUNDS and TECHNIQUES.
I also have the Boss gt-10
ok i see...I have a gt-8. what i did was found a decent pre made rock sound then modified it to what i liked. took a few hours but well worth it! good luck, btw your jazz exp will help big time with your rock lead.
It depends how you want it to sound. A good AC/DC sound is overdrive, gain only set to about 3 or 4. Then EQ it so it's Bass Mid and Treble all set to 7, that gives it a really full "in your face" rock tone.
Personally, I prefer to drop the bass to about 4 and boost the treble a bit more, but it's all down to experimentation. But don't scoop the mids, it's a recording technique, not a live technique.

As for technique, it won't be too different from your jazz stuff. The difference will be in your choice of scale; minor pentatonic, blues, natural minor. If you want to touch more on metal, harmonic minor sounds great, and implying the use of Phrygian and Dorian modes can sound great too.
The actual techniques are all bends and slides, legato and tapping. Just do't forget to throw in 1/4 tone bends as well for that ragged blues/rock feel!

Hope this helps to some extent
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Seriously!! A well executed vibrato can give your audience an orgasmic experience.
Learn to use pentatonic scales in your writing. A lot of players take that to mean "just play up and down the scale and bend every now and then". That's crap. Use what experience you have, but rather than using diatonic scales in your solos, focus on the notes of the pentatonic scales. That and a good rock tone will give you everything you need to get that rock sound.