You will need to change the electronics and rewire the guitar a little. Also will need to put in a bridge ground. I suggest a different guitar if you want passive pickups, those pickups are active and the guitar is obviously designed to use them. Also for what that guitar is worth, to change the trem is not worth it.
Wouldn't you be better off by buying a neat passive guitar with an OFR? You'd only have to change the passive pickups for your Invaders then!

Changing a guitar from active to passive and exchanging the tremolo just seems like a lot of work and an expensive mod for a guitar if you ask me.. Just like xSacrilegex said, this guitar just doesn't seem worth that.

If you buy a guitar with an OFR instead you'll probably get a better quality one as well, as companies don't usually put a high-end tremolo in a medium-range guitar (no IRL experience, but it just makes much more sense).

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If you're buying a new guitar, it should be closer to what you really want than that. Or really cheap, just a base to build on. Perhaps you can find a used one?