As some of you may know, I have a great job, performing quality control for PRS and Ibanez guitars. I have previously posted some pretty cool guitars that I have had the pleasure of setting up and testing and here once again is another fantastic guitar from PRS, number 29 from 50 the DWEEZIL ZAPPA LIMITED PRIVATE STOCK.

Now get a rag and clean up that mess.
Actually, the lack of right horn completely puts me off. PRS guitars don't do much for me.
I don't really like how the quilt isn't centered on this guitar. I know that it's a one piece top that isn't bookmatched, but still I find that the quilt is not as it should be. It seems off. Not exactly what you expect from a private stock guitar.
Washburn USA Custom Shop
You should see Dweezil's version. Half the top is flame, the other half is quilt. All at his request of course. The missing horn really kills it for me. I don't care much for the inlays either. To each their own.

"The above guitar is not an industrial accident by-product from PRS, it's a custom model made for Dweezil Zappa. Despite having the option to conceive a beautiful instrument to his specs, Mr. DZ opted for 2 quirks as seen in this pic:
1.Mandolin-type cutaway: You thought that was a bewildering option for a cutaway, maybe it was a case of excessive artistic expression but it's actually based on a mandolin outline. Now that you see it manifesting in a guitar format, it looks rather queer but it's nothing new.
2.Mismatched top: Look closely at the guitar's flame top; it's actually a mismatch. For any other boutique guitar maker, there would be hesitations but with PRS, it happened."