Hi guys, what do you think of our song, Horrors?

Our band is Pyrotic, we're a 3 piece metal band from England.
I understand the recording itself is not too great but we don't have lots of expensive professional kit lying around, so this was really basic home recording.
I like the ideas in the song. However personally for me I think the vocals need to be a little stronger, esp for this kind of music. Also, during the 'heavy' section the guitar and drums are out of time which is a real issue.

That being said, if you manage to fix the timing issues and and a stronger vocal you have a pretty good song on your hands!

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good stuff man i liked the bass breakdown, sounded kinda system of a downey though, keep working i'd love to hear more!
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Good song. The vocals is great for the softer parts of the song, but would need to be more powerful during the heavy stuff. Quite unique vocals: I like it!
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I like what you're going for in the "heavy part." Parts of it were very Black Sabbathy (Into the Void anyone?), but like someone else said there's some timing issues. The vocalist needs more.. oomph! It sounds kinda bland to me.