It started out as a stream of consciousness but I turned it into this poem thingy.

Me, you and we

Well, you wished me well
So I didn't know what to say in return
'Cause I've never pulled out my feelings
For you from my pocket
Well, here's my chance
So I've given you flowers
And chocolate
And obviously they weren't enough
And sex wasn't enough to prove anything
But being jealous was
And I guess I understand that
But it's really silly if you think about it
A better way is just to say
I love you
But thats lost it's meaning
Since it's said too much now, right?

One in me
One in you
One in we.

Possibly you'll know
What that means
'Cause actually you're really smart
And they're wrong about blondes
I'm thinking this has gone long enough
So I'll just get to the cliche bit
Right at the end
You know what I said earlier
But you know what?
**** it.
The phrase has you
And I
And 'love' in it
So it's all good
No lie when I say this but
I love you.