I'm looking to get a board for my pedals since I'll be using two overdrives and a tuner. I don't like the idea of having three pedals chained up and ready to get kicked loose. Well, once I get my gear budget properly saved up, I'll be buying a new amp and a delay pedal, so I'd like a decent board for my pedals. I've already decided on the Voodoo Lab power supply, so I'd the board to be no higher than $150 or so. It also must be able to hold about 6 or 7 pedals plus the power supply.
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either build one and buy a power brick to power them, or buy a powered pedal board. Its the only way to go. I like the SKB stuff, but it is kinda expensive.
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seriously make your own and keep the rest of your savings for new gear.
go to ikea and get a GORM board and build your own.
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Last week I bought three of these. Two 70x30 which I actually use and one shorter one (as pictured) in case I need extra room. Cost me £10. Velcro the top, find an old long case if you want to and hey presto you've got yourself a board.

They replaced this, also Ikea GORM and cheap. On the red one I bothered to paint it and chopped up some of their replacement strips to raise it off the ground. Problem was it was a pain reaching for my dirt, hence I got a new one.