Why did you have GAS over a guitar so bad you would kill for it? What is your new obsession?

I used to love every Gibson I seen, until I played them. Necks just didn't feel good in my hands, so I learned that their designs really werent for me.

now that I play guitars before I GAS over them, I've fallen in love with just about every Fender neck I've played, and I have a new obsession with their offsets, like Jaguars, Jazzmasters, Mustangs, Duo-Sonics, etc.
i same here with the gibson necks

i also do love the fender necks
been gassing for a nice strat for a while

also my favorite necks are the ibanez necks and ive been really wanting an S series but i can never find a lefty one
Had someone asked me what I was GASing for 2 years ago I'd have said some bollocks about an ESP with EMG pickups and an Axe-fx rack setup.

I would have laughed if someone had told me that actually I would end up with a Fender strat and a fender dlx reverb :/

I honestly dont know what turned me into an fender fanboy. The necks are the nads and the amp takes pedals sooo well, maybe that was it. As well as a complete change in music preference.
I think my first love was a red fender tele. I remember i loved everything that was written about it.

There hadn't been much negative reviews on the particular model i wanted. Then i played one, my loved had disappeared after that.

I didn't like the feel and the sound of the guitar. Shortly after i became a Gibson fan boy; which lasted for a couple years.

For the past couple years I've been deeply in love with Schecters I pretty much loved every single one I've played except their tele copy oddly enough.
I'm a Schecter fanboy and my opinions are facts.
Same with Gibsons. I still think they look great but I hate the finished necks and how chunky they are. I do like Explorers though. I was wanting to get some kind of Les Paul style guitar but found a strat I loved the look of and got it for Christmas and I love the thing. I like all the offset styles too and would love a Jaguar especially.

I also just got one of the Mustang III amps and I've loved pretty much every strat I've ever played, and the relative affordability of most Fender products is just one more reason I like their stuff so much. A thousand bucks on a strat gets you a lot more guitar than a thousand bucks on a Gibson.
A couple years ago I was GASing hard for a Tele. Now I have one and I kinda want to put a strat neck on it.

My major GAS at the moment is a PRS Custom 24, but I don't forsee that any time in the near future
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My new obsession is seven strings. After learning how they actually work tuning wise, I loved it instantly. Plus, listening to Periphery made me want to get one even more
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I always liked gibson guitar shapes, but untill I played an LPC I never really wanted to own a gibson les paul

but yea right now for me its an LPC

a whiole back it was for various low end jacksons
preferences change as you more clearly define your sound and goals. i think most beginning players just say (fill in guitar hero here) uses (fill in guitar here) so of course that's the one i want. of course this often dosn't work out as well as we might think.

for me i wanted to be a metal god and shred king (this was in the 80s) problem was this really wasn't me playing wise. i could burn a lick here and there and crank out a some thrashy riffs but i just wasn't really good at it no matter how much i practiced. on the other hand i could play 70s hard rock and more bluesy stuff fairly well. once i accepted that i wasn't going to be the next steve vai or dave mustaine i started to work towards what i was good at. moved from the shred/metal guitars i had been using to a strats with single coils.
I was a Gibson fanboy at first. Now I love Fender and Fender-ish guitars. I prefer bolt-on maple necks. That's one of the first things I look for in a guitar. Right now, I'm gassing for a Bass VI. The Schecter Hellcat will fill that void. I also like single-coils a lot. I find myself playing positions 2-4 on my RG a lot more now. I'm also a fan of fuzz and a lot of other effects now. I don't really use high gain anymore unless I'm playing metal.
Well, I started off with an Epiphone SG Special and a Vypyr.

The GAS I had pretty long was for a BC Rich Mockingbird ST. Actually I was really GASing for something with a set/neckthrough neck, 24 frets and a Floyd Rose trem. I just didn't have the money to buy it when I wanted to upgrade and I'm glad I couldn't.
Some months later I didn't even give a shit about getting a guitar with a Floyd.

What really changed my taste was the first time I played a real Fender Strat, which was my American Special HSS. It just felt so nice, and sounded so good, the Mockingbird and pretty much every other guitar in that price range couldn't keep up with it, at least I felt that way.

This turned me into a big Fender fan.
Gibson. Always loved them and still do. The sound, the look and all the history behind it just leaves me in awe.
For a while i really loved fenders more than anything else, and i thought gibsons sucked, because i'd never really played one, and everyone on UG said they are overpriced crap guitars that you pay loads for just because it says "gibson" on the headstock, and the majority can't be wrong, right?

i can't even remember what it was about fender strats that i liked so much, i probably stated why in a lot of very very old posts i made on this board. but one day a friend of mine showed me his 1965 gibson firebird and it was the best guitar i'd ever played, and i decided i should try a load of new ones too.

I think trying out gibsons made me develop a taste for that kind of guitar, and i think i found that the shorter scale length and thicker, darker tone just works better for me than i'd ever thought it would.

I do still use a fender tele sometimes, though.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
I used to hate Ibanez guitars. The ones I'd play in Guitar Center just didn't feel very good and I didn't like the Wizard II neck at all.

Then I went to my friend's house on Halloween a few years back and played his RG7620. It changed me forever. Now, other than Music Man, my favorite guitars are MIJ Ibanez.
i used to be all about Gibsons, untill I played a PRS. But I can say that depindeing on my "mood" I prefer diffrent guitars for there tonal qualities (No active pickups here!).
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For the longest time I would give anything for a Cherryburst Les Paul or Cherry 335. Then I actually played them at GC, knowing full-well that I couldn't afford them, and instantly hated the necks. Same day, same store, fell in love with an American HSS Standard Strat and Fender Blues Deville Reissue (my current GAS). The irony is that before then, I absolutely despised Strats.
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Gretsch White Falcon.

Why? The Living End.

Why not now? Not enough money, and not versatile enough for my music.
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Well my guitar/amp history has been a bit strange. I started off into Les Pauls, took a sidetrip into Strats/Teles, hollowbody, offset, then sold off a few, and now am looking back into a hollowbody.

The only guitar I really didn't 'bond' with was the Fender Jag and it was the guitar I had most GAS for. It was a good guitar but the sound was just too thin for my liking and I didn't like the radius of the neck. In retrospect I should have bought a Classic Player > MIJ. Also selling my MIM Tele was a mistake, of sorts (I sold it for exactly what I paid for it), because I GASed hard for a Tele until I bought my recent one.

The biggest issue for me overall was I never found the perfect amp until recently. I bought my Deluxe Reverb last year, and it is perfect. On that platform I have now built my tone/sound and am really happy with it. Before I was chopping and changing guitars on feel > tone as I hadn't nailed down what I wanted to do properly and wasn't sure how I could achieve it.

Now I know exactly what I want to do, and have a developed ear, I can nail down my GAS to some realistic end which I didn't have before. I'm edging closer to what I picture as my perfect rig now which feels good.

With guitars I've come full circle. I now have a Les Paul, a Strat and a Tele having chopped and changed between them over the years. I'm selling my strat for money reasons but I know that in a few years I will have a Custom Shop strat and probably a hollowbody of some sort.

That way my collection will (hopefully) look like: LP, Strat, Tele, Hollow/Semi, Acoustic, Pedals, Amps.

The LP, Tele, Acoustic Pedals and Amps are all there. I just need to get a better Strat, a hollow, and maybe when I'm rich I will consider a Gibson historic as well. Also a nice baby grand piano

History [2003-2011]

Started with - Epiphone Les Paul Standard w/ Marshall MG30
Bought a Fender MIM Strat
Sold the MG30 and replaced it with a Marshall DSL401
Sold Epi, the money went into acoustic purchases.
Bought a Gretsch Electromatic hollowbody
Sold MIM Strat, bought MIA Strat and MIM Tele on the same day.
Bought Epiphone Casino
Bought Vox AC4
Sold Epiphone Casino, bought Fender Jaguar
Sold Marshall DSL, Sold MIM Tele, bought Fender Deluxe Reverb
Sold Gretsch, Bought Gibson Les Paul
Sold Fender Jaguar, bought Fender USA Deluxe Tele on same day.
Bought Vibro Champ clone.

Currently looking to sell my Strat, and in the long run I want another Casino
My first "real guitar" was a Gibson SG. I listened to a lot of ACDC at the time, and just loved the look of them so I just had to have one. Over time I started knowing what I liked and what I didn't like in guitars. Neck shape, scale length, weight, shape, etc. My favorite guitar atm would probably be an Ibanez S prestige/j custom, I just loved the one I played. Being left handed though, I've never found one for sale at the times I've been looking for a new guitar, so I have an RG prestige, which has pretty much all I'm looking for in a guitar at the moment.