Hi all, I recently received a vox v847 (usa made) that would have been thrown away otherwise. it came to me in a bag of parts and i thought i had it together right, but obviously not. Whenever you engage the affect, no sound comes out. Bypass works fine though. For some reason i tried switching the input jacks around and when you engage it now, generally still nothing, except if you strum hard you get a distorted tone. It doesnt really last long enough for me to tell if the wah has any affect on that. Not sure if that helps but figured i might as well include it. Any help would be AWESOME.
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sounds liek somethign with a power that could be the issue

are u running a 9v or power source?
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Let me know if that link works, not sure about photobucket.

And I'm running a 9v. I replaced it with new ones twice so unless there's serious bad battery voodoo goin on I don't think that's it. The clip is probably on the older side though, maybe put a new one on?
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Is there anything under the circuit board stopping it from shorting against the wah enclosure? I've had that happen before when I made a wah circuit - a real dodgy one - to muck about with.

If that's not the issue, a method of troubleshooting I use is to attach a wire or crocodile clip to the output - with everything plugged in, and with a guitar, or even easier an mp3 player, playing into the pedal - and then touch the other end of the wire to the input, effectively bypassing the circuit. You should hear the signal clean as per usual. From there, follow the circuit with your wire, and you should always hear the signal in some way, and not distorted or messed up if it's ok. You'll be able to hear where the problem is! I normally do that through a cheap practice amp, and not through a good one, just to be on the safe side!

Well, looks like michigan did have it. I did replace the clip and its working like a charm! Still have to play around with cap values and try for a more tom morello sound though. Any thoughts?

Thanks a ton for the tip rokeman, so just a wire from one jack to the other? No multimeter or anything?
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Well you can also check the transistor voltages with the multimeter, if you know about that stuff...

But yeah, just a wire will pass the audio signal through it, and just touch it to different parts along the signal chain to see if it's coming through!

EDIT: Also, check out the Wah modding thread for info on changing components for different sounds!
I have a mutlimeter and tried it with this project, but something's screwy with it. New batteries and it's always reading 0. Oh well.

I'll definitely be using that though. Thanks again though!
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