The EMG's are the quick connect versions and have long leads. I have these currently installed in my Agile AL3000. The pots for the solderless kit are the long shaft pots. Everything will be included that you need to install these. I will also include the pickup height screws/springs, just no pickup rings. These solderless kits are awesome and really easy to install. The original installastion instruction sheet will be included. I'm asking $150.00 shipped in the USA via Paypal gift or USPS money order.
No soldering is required. I want to move these so, make me an offer. I will ship overseas as long as the buyer pays shipping.

The parts included in the sale:

1 EMG 85 pickup
1 EMG 81 pickup
2 long shaft volume pots
2 long shaft tone pots
1 pickup/power Bus
1 Output jack
1 Battery clip
All the cables required to make the connections