well i've been playing for about a year now and i'm in a band that has quite a few gigs coming up and i've decided it's time to ditch my P-Bass copy and buy a new bass... i'm up for any suggestions you might have, our genre is Hard-Rock and my price range is about £200+ but not anything ridiculously expensive.
Your best bet would probably either a Squier Jazz or Precision bass. If you can find a used MiM Fender J or P, that would be a solid option as well.
Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass ($300 for a new one)
Squier Classic Vibe Jazz Bass ($350 for a new one)
Squier Vintage Modified/Classic Vibe series.
Ibanez SR/SRX/ATK series.
Warwick Rockbass.
Peavey Zodiac.
Yamaha BB series.

Have a look at ALL of those. All good value for money, no crap. I highly recommend the CV Squiers.
Listen to those people recommending a Squier, they are good decent basses, really. The bassist in my band has a modded one with Seymour Duncans in it; I've played it and everything was pleasant about it
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also take a look at rondomusic.com theyre sx line is great for modders
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LTD B-series basses are really good. Peavey is a good brand to look into too, my Peavey is my favorite of all my basses.
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Squier VM or CV or Peavey. Great things come out of the Peavey factory, even the one in China. My first bass was a Peavey and in the 5 years I've had it I've never had to touch the action or truss rod, the neck is straight as an arrow and the action is about as low as you can ask for.
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