A new song using the Kafuzz! through a clean amp (pedal by DrNo-Effects). I used a bit of echo and a wah with the toe down (to give a bit of bite to the lead). A few spots have feedback sustain, via the Guitar Resonator device. Playing an Eastwood Airline '59 and Egnator Rebel-30 amp head into a mixer.



Looking from afar, I think she saw me.
Shaking like a leaf, I think she owns me.

Sweet teen angel,
My lust will strangle you softly.

You know just what to do,
Hallelujah you!

Old enough to be your father.
Playing it cool, but I’m no actor.
Thanks. My gf didn't like the lyrics, lol. She was wondering if I had a thing for her teenage daughter. I didn't know what to write about (it started off as an instrumental), and then a commercial for the movie American Beauty came on the TV.