I decided to get a bit crazy, and use my BKP Trilogy Suite middle single coil to do some metal, since I need to start using them more anyways. I threw this together real quick, so expect some mistakes, I'm more intested in what ya'll think about the tone, and the song itself.

Tell me what ya'll think, and if I should expand on this song.


C4C as always.
Gawd Daymn. That tone is Chunkaaayy.
The chords also come out defined and clean.
Very, very professional sounding (then again, what do I know)

I would definitely expand on that.

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Thank you for your words of wisdom.
This whole thing gives me a Disturbed vibe, especially that second riff. It's well recorded, but as I said to your earlier song, it's kind of repetitive. Coming in at just under 2 minutes, I've heard only a couple of riffs. I'm assuming that this gonna be fleshed out some more, because it really doesn't feel complete at this point. There's some good ideas going on and they're recorded really well, but I really see what you mean when you say you threw it together.

I really like the clarity on the octaves, but for everything else, it's not my cup of tea. Part of it may be the tone, too. It seems overly fuzzy, especially on the chugging.
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Definitely worth using for certain parts, I'd say. The new For The Fallen Dreams album has a lot of riffs that sound like they were tracked with single coils that have the perfect amount of twang and really add the feel of the songs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZWZ_tMuk6o&feature=relmfu

Yeah, the only problem is I can't really switch between the Painkiller(humbucker) and the Trilogy Suite(single coil) one because my selector switch is crapping out, two, they have a noticeably different tone, not like drastic, but it goes from being extremely tight low end(painkiller) to loose, twangy, and metallic(Trilogy Suite) and I don't know if that would work.

What's your thoughts?
Hmm, maybe try quad tracking and blending each side pretty close together so you can get the roar from the PKs and the clarity of the single? Lots of different things to experiment with, I think. I'm recording a band tomorrow that does a lot of chugging stuff and I'm gonna see what happens with a humbucker/singlecoil blend!
I'm liking this. You got some nice and heavy, yet catchy riffs. It does get a little repetitive however, i would suggest more variation of a riff when it is repeated. Or adding some lead parts or even solos maybe? I also think it could do with being more structured, like adding an intro to build up into the riff and some kind of bridge and an outro too.
The production is good, i like your guitar tone but personally i think it has a little TOO much gain and fuzziness, especialy on the palm-muted riff. Other than that it sounds awesome and really fat, in a good way of course.
Thanks for reviewing my track

awesome tone. i was wondering how you get that tone from an eq point of view? is it just scooped mids or does the tuning have something to do with? sounds really sexy haha
hard to imagine that came from single coils though :O

anyway, its was a pretty nice and heavy demo, but i reckon you should try and incorporate some nice variations and a melodic interlude or something to mix things up a little, and then use the chunky ass riff again at the end to sort of resolve it. headbangable as!

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Thanks guys, I think I can make it less fuzzy by tracking it tighter, I was a bit off time when I tracked it. And technically Odirunn, the Painkiller has alot more clarity than the Trilogy Suites, but that's just a technicality.

I'll try working on a build up intro, that's actually a really good idea.

I find it hard to believe that I can get this tone from single coils too, and they are so quiet...for single coils, true single coils Only BKP could do this good.