I have a 3 channel white mesa boogie triple rectifier solo amp. Tubes are 6l6 gc and only have about 10 hours of playing on them. Hate to sell this but I am getting engaged and need the money. There are a few nicks in the tolex but nothing bad. I have stored this amp in a live in road case and have babied it.

ALL FEATURES WORK. This amp is fully 100% functional. All knobs and switches work. Effects / fx loop works.

Amp comes with the standard mesa boogie 5 button footswitch, 25 foot footswitch cable, and power cable.

FREE SHIPPING. Contintental US bidders only. PayPal is the only form of payment accepted

***Link removed by emad***

Come and get it! PLEASE! and If you know anybody who is interested, send them the url!
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