Right, I know that EMG and solid states don't mix well... However!
At the moment I'm running an ESP LTD EX-400 with emg's through a vox tonelab st, into a laney lx-65, do any of you know if this would get rid of the usual issues with mixing emgs and solid state?

I should have said.
Sometimes when I'm playing certain things, there does seem to be a change in the tone, but it's so irregular that I don't know if it's something that is down to the emgs and solid state, or just some weird occurrence.
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go play your rig, surely you can hear if there is an issue or not?

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go play your rig, surely you can hear if there is an issue or not?


the only thing to watch out for really is that EMGs can clip input stages of some solid state amps very easily. if you're having that problem (you'll know, because you'll hear a horrible scratchy, crackly sort of distorted sound over the top of your tone) the easiest solution is to turn the volume on the guitar down far enough to prevent it.
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short answer is no not really. better answer is that the issue you are having is mostlikely clipping. does the issue come up when you are hitting the strings hard or are playing bass string heavy chords? if so then it is clipping.
This is the thing, it usually happens when I'm soloing on the higher three strings, so I don't exactly know what it could be... and it doesn't happen very often either. I could play for half an hour non stop and it may only happen once or twice. The only thing is, it doesn't happen with any of my other guitars, just the esp.