I have for sale my Line 6 Spider II 212 COST IS £130 POSTED TO YOUR DOOR

It's a 150watt Combo sporting 2x 75watt speakers

It is perfect for gigging and has never been used outside of my bedroom!

It has 12 different amp models that cover a range from clean to insane, 7 Smart Control effects (up to 3 simultaneous) including Tape Echo, standard Delay, Sweep Echo (all w/Tap Tempo), Chorus/Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo and Reverb.

You can program and save up to 4 different settings which makes it amazing for quickly changing tone using the foot switch. It has a built in tuner.

Will include the foot switch and a guitar jack.

Really is an amazing amp and would like to keep it but since I bought it I have only used it for a couple of hours collectively so I would like to see it gets a better home.


Good deal here as I have seen these usually going second hand for around £170-£180 and Postage alone is £25!!

Just need it gone as I don't want to see such a good piece of kit go to waste

PayPal only please to make sure both I and the buyer are covered to make sure everything goes smoothly

Can provide pictures if you would like (:

for fast response email: jvns08@googlemail.com
I am open to offers as I would really like this gone fast!

Worst I can say is no! (:
hey man may be interested but the problem is i am skint at the present time and dont get payed till next month, where about in uk are you??
Jamie Thomson