So this is my first fully solo recording. Its got an alternative sound, indie, garage, low fi ish. All listens and comments will be much appreciated.

Is it good? What's bad?


You can hear it here:


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Try now thanks

It's very good! well put together, chorus is very catchy. I didnt like the intro. Guitar sounds certainly need work, they are a little bitey, more lows id say. Cool riffs in there. the solo part kinda blew, lost the groove around there. You have a very good voice, great arctic monkeys sort of sound. I really like it, good verse and chorus, very cool sound for a solo project. Mixing seems odd, maybe its just poor recording quality, but its still a great song.

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Thanks for the honest crit. Haha i do def like old arctic monkeys so thats a great compliment. Yea my guitar tones always suck for recording unfortunantly.. just dont have the right recording gear. And I'm surprised you liked the vocals...thats probably what I'm most unsure of..Not much of a singer.

The guitar tone is way to sharp for it's own good, it made it hard to listen to. The song itself is cool, I like it, but I think you should take a different, more simple approach to your production. It does sound a bit cluttered, which prolly is why you made the guitars tone so sharp.

This is what I would do, and you can go from here, double track the rhythem guitars, and pan them 100% right and left. High pass them at say 25hz, and EQ to taste. Run the bass guitar up center, put a compressor on it with a fast attack and a medium release time. Drums, vocals and lead guitar get run up center. Put a compressor on the lead as well, with fast attack, and a fast release.

If you want something to cut through the mix, give it more mids, you have something cutting through already, and what something to cut though it, then give in more mids in a different place. Like, say I have vocals with the mids at 2000hz boosted at 2 decibels, and I want my lead to cut through the vocals, well, I'd prolly either boots the leads mids at 1000hz or 3000hz to make it cut over the vocals.

Hope this helps you out a bit. Thanks for the cit btw.
Thanks for the tips!!! I will def do that for next recording.

I edited this one a bit to atleast put on the high pass and compressors. The guitars are panned to one side already. One of my rhyhtm guitars were sounding really harsh because i had a bittrasher on it and had it set to 6-bit haha wanted like an atari sound. But anyway i got rid of it and now i think the song sounds less harser. Changed the link to the song with the new edits to it at:


Oh shit i Just listened to the whole song on my sisters apple iphone headphones and yea it does sound alot more trebely. No wonder so harsh. My over the ear headphones make it sound so much more bassy

the intro i feel had nothing to do with the rest of the song and should be discarded. I'm not a fan of the singing either. I think if the singing was improved it would be good.

could you comment on my song "i don't know anything" a few threads down?

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As mentioned before, the guitar tone needs improvement, and maybe some metronome practice.

The drums need to be louder.

It sounds a bit outdated and 80's ish. Mostly the vocals, though it does work for this kind of music.

Technically, there isn't much that is wrong with this song, it's just that I can't help but feel underwhelmed by the entire thing. There's nothing in this song that moves the soul, if you know what I mean. Keep practicing.

Hope this helps.

c4c please

now to bad, quality is...eh. but tht aside. its very indie sounding/british rock type sounding. its not bad, vocals are rough in some areas, too much reverb on vocals, guitar tone could be worked on abit and maybe tighten up the rythm alittle. its a great song, just needs some tweaking, tighten up the screws and its a solid jam. c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1464055