well, i've recently discovered the '70s best kept secret - 10cc

i've not seen them mentioned ever anywhere on UG to my knowledge, so i'm wondering, are there any fans around?

tbh i don't really know which forum a 10cc thread would belong in because they are pretty difficult to categorise but i think classic rock probably fits the bill the most. although a lot of the songs are pop songs played in a classic rock style, really... but then, if you were to hear some of the less "poppy" songs you'd think i was talking nonsense - so it's pretty difficult to classify them

here's a couple of live clips, for the benefit of anyone who hasn't heard them before (note there were a few different lineups!)



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My dad's loves 10cc. I don't listen to them often, but they're a great band! Check this video out.
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I've got the greatest hits and to be perfectly honest they scared me. wall street shuffle is great and the worst band in the world is brilliantly done.