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Jazz basses have thin necks
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I have GRS200... I cant try any of those beacuse GRS200 is rare in my country

Yes i love jazz neck too , also less wide than SR.

But my idea is : SR300 is better and more versalite than Squier Vin. Mod or Deluxe... but ım still thinking

Thats why i asked you

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Don't be mocking the Squier Deluxe Jazz.

The SR will be modern sounding, smooth and bright.

The SRX has passive humbuckers, punchy and scooped.

Personally, I would prefer the SR300m. In fact, I would get one but I don't get along with SR necks.
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I prefer SR´s myself but the SRX is also a decent bass for the money, here´s a pic from my SR 400, either one of the Ibanez´s is a good choice.
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That one looks cool... I like SRs on USA ıbanez wepsite. I dont remember the models names ( like SRT or SRE ıdk) they looked cool with flamed top and one with neck-thru

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My SRX has a fairly workable sound. I enjoy the way it feels and the punch the notes have. It is my preferred bass for metal and punk (and anything that can be distorted).

But for a conventional (generic) bass tone, it is not very fitting. It tends to growl a lot and it is tough to get the strings to keep from buzzing in lower tunings (though I have fairly light gauged strings. Can't find them in heavier gauges, except online).
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The SR is a tad thinner than the other Ibanez. You can
Google the specifications with illustration.

I have played Ibenez SR 200 and 300, and others.
I never liked the necks. They are too flat for one thing
and that really turns me off with my arthritic hands in
my old age. The SR neck is thin, but it's not very narrow.
If it was more narrow, it might be passable. A jazz neck
is just a tad wider, (almost the same) but thicker. Jazz
is much more playable foe me than any Iby I have tried.

If you want a narrower neck that is just as thin as the
SR neck, I know of two and have heard of others.

The US made original Peavey Fury neck is noticeably more
narrow and the same thickness as the SR.

The Guild and Guild/ DeArmond Pilot have a 22 fret neck
with almost the same dimensions as the Fury.

Both those have 7 to 8 inch radius which makes them far
more comfortable to play than the flat necks. The smaller
size of these two necks are the easiest necks to play that
I have found on a 4 string.

I hear that Hofners have some tiny necks.

It is hard to find info on small necks because Ibanez is
always reported to be the smallest, which is a myth.

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Well i think i will go for SR300M... The squier and other jazz copies cannot compate with what it offers.

only drawback.. lame colors

Bugera Fire Wall Half Stack