Yesterday, I went to a local music shop to try out some guitars.

Here are my thoughts on some of them: (All of these were played through a Peavey XXX Combo.)

Jackson SLS3

The guitar in mind before going.
Didn't like the neck, but sounds great tonally.

Fender Telecaster FMT HH

this one played perfectly in my hands
sounds great and versatile
But the Telecaster shape isn't really my likings, but then I don't really mind.

Epiphone EM2 Prophecy EX

great upper fret access
I like the neck grip on this
Sounds just OK. Not really that good, not that bad also.

Ibanez RG350MZ DY

The Wizard III neck even though has the same dimensions like a Wizard II neck feels a little bit thinner for some reason
played great in my hands
Guitar sounds mediocre
Edge Zero II Bridge performs great.
The Desert Yellow finish is really sexy!

Ibanez GSZ220FM LA

Neck feels good. I believe this one has a shorter scale length.
Sound wise, not that good but I'm sure some new pickups would improve this.

So, which one should I go for? Should I sacrifice the looks and get the Telly? Maybe I should go cheap and get the Gio?

I don't know. Need some help. Suggestions anyone?
Dont get cheap, you'll regret it eventually, but dont get the telly if your just gonna hate it everytime you pick it up, get a guitar that you wanna just hold and play and almost harrass it if it were human! your guitar should be your demon (referring to that compass film, where your demon is the closest thing to you) dont buy a guitar for just sound, if you like the HH from the telly try a fender blacktop strat, hope this helps.
i 2nd the Tele. one of those turned up at my GC and i gotta say it was pretty sweet. sold in 2 days.
I'd take the Ibanez RG as well, if the only thing wrong with it is the sound, just toss in new pickups. That's what I did with my ibanez and I never regretted it.
I'd suggest you invest in the Tele. Its a great guitar for the intermediate-experienced player. If you want a tremolo, just check out a blacktop Fender Strat or a Fat Strat. This is all taking into consideration you are looking at guitars with at least one humbucker.
Thanks for your opinions guys.

So It's between the RG and the Tele then. That's what I'm also thinking now

Maybe I should give both another go.

If I go by the Ibanez RG route, I don't know which pickup to put in.

If I go and get the Telecaster, I hope that I would start to like the looks of it.

By the way, how are the necks on those LTD H/MH 300/400/401 and Schecter C-1 Custom?

Are they more Fender-ish or are they Ibanez skinny-like.
Id suggest going with the Tele.

I never liked Fender for the most part - but I did like the Tele shape. So now I have the Jim Root tele - which is exactly what I would want if I had a Tele (EMG pickups, locking tuners, nitro finish, etc etc) plus the neck is fast as shit. Idk if the Jim Root has a different neck than most Fenders, but if the FMT has a neck that is any kind of similar, I suggest you go for it. Although the paint jobs on Fenders are generally lame, Im hoping this nitro finish will age fairly quickly, because an aged Tele looks bad-f**k'n-ass.
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By the way, how are the necks on those LTD H/MH 300/400/401 and Schecter C-1 Custom?

Are they more Fender-ish or are they Ibanez skinny-like.

Schecter necks are round D or C shaped IIRC.

ESP/LTD necks are thicker than the Ibanez neck but are still thin by Fender standards.
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