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if you can't be attractive be memorable
never jst write ancient passages but utilise those secret
hidden candles of centuries bygone who burn like
potential lost. and whose smoky circles rise to the window of
the body soul <3 mind earth. and never be stranded
in drugs & alcohol. and never be vulnerable to the oceans
of present. &never drop your head too low or hold your head
too high but allow for every movement humanistic to polarise you
momentarily and energise a cave which is your spirit
and exercise your speakable visions, sketching worlds
of new countours and wild abstract jewels, worshipping
holy melodies in the form of verbal escapes,
and never ask yourself how much your dignity is worth
and never take the optical representation of reality too literally
and never fall to the conquest of the repressive empires of now
and always always write but for those moments where to write
is to remain absolutely still
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I thought this was great. I usually don't like poems about writing or writers or have any mention of writing, but this was a nice read. The last 5 lines provide some wise words. Nice work.

edit: Oh, one thing I wasn't too fond of was the <3 instead of just saying 'heart'. That's all.