The vocals need to be louder! It's hard tell if you're singing in key and I can't make out any of the lyrics. Also, it sounds like you're mumbling and lack confidence in your voice. Don't be afraid to be loud!

Your guitar sounds out of tune. Fix that. Always practice with a metronome.

Keep at it! Looking forward to hear you improve.

I agree, vocals need to be louder. You should play to a click when you record if you dont. Song structure is hard to understand, probably because i cant hear the vocals, no noticeable chorus or anything. It sounds like you have a lot of emotion and thats something not only important, but essential in music.

Keep working on writing songs and you will naturally learn and get better. Your vocals will also get better the more you sing. Continue improving and get some better recording equipment, you should be able to spend less than 50 bucks and get a much better sound than this. Keep improving and keep writing songs.

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