Hey everyone,

I've been doing a bit of reading and hoping that straight talk from other musicians will help guide me. I'm looking for a loop pedal for my guitar. I would likely combine looping with an acoustic guitar using a mic, and direct with my electric. Here's really what I'm wondering...

- Whats a good pedal with at least say.. 10 slots for loops
- A pedal that say I have one loop, two, three, playing and I want to stop or swap out the second or 1st loop while having the other two continue
- One that either helps with setting the tempo or preferably, *quantizes automatically*
- A pedal that I could have play out of my amp, and/or record into pro tools. I'd prefer simultaneously.

So far I've been looking at Boss RC20 and 30, Jam Man, and odd ones here and there. I'd also like to not pay 600+. ANY suggestions?
Your second requirement takes you out of the lower end pedals and into the more expensive ones. The Boomarang or RC-50 does independent loops.

Otherwise the Jamman. The RC-30 has a problem that going from one loop to the next isn't seamless. Or so I've heard.