Ive been playing bass guitar since I was in 3th grade (I am about to enter 10th) and I took a break from bass after I took an intrest in playing drums in 8th grade, and I havnt played bass since......until now. I am beginning to relearn everything I used to know and I hope to play both Drums and Bass consistently. Is this a bad idea? I dont think so, and I know as long as I balance both instrumates, and put forth an equal amount of practice towards both I can still progress. Let me know please
there's nothing wrong with that at all. just learn to spell instruments and you should be good.
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there's nothing wrong with that at all. just learn to spell instruments and you should be good.


Drums and Bass are both the 'support' members of a band so I guess it is good if you keep that sort of mindset while playing both instruments

Regardless, there is no problem with playing more than one instrument. You will probably progress at a slower rate than people playing one instrument, but knowledge on more than one instrument can be very beneficial in a band scenario.
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3th grade? 3rd.

anyway, yeah dude learn a bunch of instruments, I play acoust and electric guitar, bass and drums. often in the same day.
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What everyone else says. I'd say play as many instruments as possible even. It will give you a much broader musical perspective, which is incredibly useful when you play your "main" instrument.
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The more instruments you play the easier it is for you to see how they all fit together, however you want to avoid becoming the jack of all trades, master of none. Don't just dabble in everything. Although you can have a few main instruments, mine for example are bass and trombone, but I casually play acoustic guitar and mandolin
don't worry about playing lots of instruments. I play a good seven or so instruments and i find that it benefits my playing. I know how to bring a certain style from one instrument so I can use an instrument like a completely different instrument (i.e. bass like saxophone).
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