Specifically the parts after the chords, where he plays the rest of the bar just muted strings.

I know how to palm mute, but not how to mute everything completely, and even so, how do I strum like that WHILE palm muting (immobilizing my palm yet still having to strum, cause looking at the guy in the video, it looks like he's moving his whole arm even as he plays the empty chords)\

he's not palm muting, just muting the strings with his fretting hand..
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He's resting his fingers on his left hand (assuming you are playing right handed) on the strings, but not pressing down, and then just strumming regularly like he normally would, except since the fretting hand is not pressing down on anything you get a muted, percussive sound.
yes muting fret hand, those tabs are awful. and you dont need a spare finger to mute :/ you use the fingers that are holding the notes but slightly lift them up so that you dont hear a full sound, and the second video, if you look at his fret hand he is lifting up, hence what i was saying.
First of all, thanks for all the help (I don't use a pick enough, I probably should lol)

The person lifts his fingers in the 2nd link, but how does he mute all 6 strings, when lifting three fingers is supposed to mute like.. 3 O>o
001420 is the chord, I flatten my pinky to mute, is that right?
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001420 is the chord, I flatten my pinky to mute, is that right?

EDIT: By pinky I mean index finger >_>