I have a Superchamp XD, and I'm looking to sell it and upgrade for something a little bit better. I play mostly Blues Rock, and I'm going after an Eric Clapton tone.

Here's what I'm looking for:
The Head is around $600
Lots of Tubes
An effects loop
A Watt switch (To go from high power to low power)

And possibly a headphone output. This isn't that important, as I can always go out and get a Weber Dummy and use that.

Any advice is appreciated, Thanks!
An Egnater Rebel-30 should do exactly what your looking for thought you might have to bring up your budget a little. Guitarcenter.com has one used for $654.49


Im assuming you already have a cab, or have seperate money saved for a cab since you said $600 for the head. If you still need to buy a cab I would pair it with an Orange 1x12 or 2x12 and call it a day.