I have an Ibanez S770PB NTF guitar (I am somewhat of a guitar noob) which is currently in half a step down for an attempt at going to try and learn some protest the hero... however i was thinking about maybe some devil wears prada from the zombie ep, and they are tuned down to B F# B E G# C# and if i attempt to tune my ibanez down that low, it loses tuning badly and i realize it would need the neck and innotation set etc. but would it sound bad on that model of guitar seeing as it has a ZR trem system? I was thinking about getting a 2nd guitar for it similar to a schecter blackjack or something that has the through body system but cant really afford buying a second guitar right now... and i dont want my current one to sound like crap. anyone have some advice?
First, I applaud you for buying an S770. My choice of guitar. Second, you will have to do quite a bit of adjustments to suit that tuning. Spring tension, possibly truss rod, probably tighten the screws from the tremolo to the guitar in the cavity. I wouldn't do it, as I am bad with tedious work and don't approve of deep drop tuning . But if you want to do it, go for it.