Are dean guiutars useful for genres other than metal. I am looking at getting a dean deceiver fm or deceiver death machine
Its the amp that decides that more than the guitar IMO. Dean should be good for hard rock, maybe punk, possibly Alternative.
I wouldn't play a Dean if the owners paid me for it...

Honestly for the price you pay, you can do MUCH better. Quality and performance.
look into DBZ guitars. same owner from Dean but he started a new company because his turned into a giant sellout. DBZ guitars are very classy and can be used for a multitude of genres
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It's a guitar
You can play whatever you want on it
Just some guitars and models are more suited to a specific style of music
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Deans aren't too shabby, so long as you avoid anything with "dime" on the headstock. Dimebag Darrell was an awesome guitarist, but then dean shit all over his name.

Anyways, those guitars don't look too bad, but make sure to try out some other similar guitars. Try looking at the Schecter Solo series, and the Ibanez ART series
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yeah the death machine sounds like it's aimed at jazz fusion
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I agree Deans are now pretty overpriced for what you get. All they have is the Dime series that are selling from his name, and those are pretty meh guitars.

Although I have played a '83 Cadilac and it was a very nice guitar.

The DBZ guitars are getting great reviews, but I think they are quite ugly guitars. Iknow this has nothing to do with tone, but ugly is ugly.
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The Deceiver guitars aren't bad for the price. Extremely light, and the necks are pretty flat and wide. If I were to buy one, I'd probably get a $600 one or something like that, with the USA pickups in it.

EDIT: You people haven't seen the Dean Deceivers if you're calling them overpriced. Check this:

Floyd Rose Special, USA pickups, grover tuners, ebony fingerboard, set mahogany neck and a mahogany body for $400. I don't think that's overpriced at all.

This one could easily compete with LTD EC 401's or Schecter Damien Elites:
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