I've noticed from watching the Fretted Americana vids that a lot of, if not all of the early Telecasters used to wire the 3-way switch with a capacitor for the neck pickup only. The result is a complete tone roll-off in the neck position without even touching the tone knob. Now by itself, it sounds okay. Useful for a woman-type tone or if you wanted to add an insane amount of fuzz. However, when you put it in the middle position, the result is a really cool tone that is just unlike anything else.

I'm looking to get a tele here soon and was wondering if it was possible to do that sort of capacitor mod with like a mini switch (or something along those lines???) so I can keep the standard neck pickup sound but when I want to mix the 2 pickups, with the flick of a switch I could have JUST the neck tone rolled off... Make sense?

If the same could be achieve with a 4 way switch, that would be even better. Something along the lines of:

Position 1: Bridge
Position 2: Bridge and Neck (Parallel, no tone roll off on either pickup)
Position 3: Bridge and Neck (With capacitor on neck, complete tone roll off)
Position 4: Neck (Unaffected by capacitor.)

If there is anyway I could achieve all of those sounds with one modded tele, that would be frickin sweet.

Here's the Fretted Americana vid i'm talking about. Just skip to about 2:11