would a peotry class in highschool maybe help with getting good at writing lyrics?
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To answer your question - Poetry classes will increase your skills in writing. Anything that improves your skill in writing will make songwriting easier. Essays, Short stories, poems, they will all help you to improve different aspects of the english language; diction, tense usage, spelling, punctuation, all of which can be applied to lyrics. Poetry has a heavy focus on flow, which is vital in songs, so will surely assist you in learning that.

Take anything you can get, it will all assist you, and as AngryGoldfish says; what've you got to lose?
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Absolutely. Any form of writing training - whether it be poetry lessons at high school or simply posting your work on the internet - can be helpful. Sometimes certain things are more helpful than others, but that doesn't mean each avenue shouldn't be tested. Try it. What harm can come of it?