I just bought a new Carvin Telecaster/Strat hybrid kit and come to find out, I really don't like the neck too much. I was wondering if anyone out there would know if a custom, undrilled Warmoth Fender style neck would fit onto it and if so, how would I go about drilling the holes for the neck to fit in? Here is a link to the kit I purchased.

The dimensions are on that link. You would have to measure it up and see for yourself.

To drill, you would get a drill, mark the neck up and then drill. Simple.
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That doesn't solve my problem, jackass.

If you bothered to read the link Adam gave you and do some work yourself rather than expecting people to do all the work and research for you you would have solved your problem... "jackass"
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you culd always sand the neck down to a better profile for you.
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It actually does solve your problem, in every way.

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you culd always sand the neck down to a better profile for you.

And this +1
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