What guitars did they use? I saw a Tele on one of their first albums (the self titled one I think) and was wondering, have they been actually using it? I know most surf artists of the sixties preferred Strats or Mosrites.
I see a few strats. their guitars seem like the basics. probably didnt have much to choose from back in the 60s whereas now theres like 900 different kinds of stratocaster
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hank marvin is best known for use of a fiesta red fender stratocaster, but also has a signature burns guitar, which is the strat-shaped thing that's not a strat with the weird split pickguards. i think it's called a burns shadow. it basically sounds like a strat
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This question puzzles me as I'm struggling to think of an artist alive today with a longer association with the Strat than Hank Marvin - he was even the first guitarist in the UK to get one.
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