soo i haven't touched my guitars in like 2 months. then my dad comes and to visit and tells me "to ****in play!" and now i have what has been missing to play! what else has driven you others to play??? btw i will be making a recording of 'working class hero' that i will post when i get a great recording of it. what are your thoughts on that?
It will not be great if you haven't played in two months.

Seriously I just find stuff I like and play. Then I record said stuff. And write stuff. Then record said stuff.

Jamming with other people is good for finding new inspiration too. I was sick of playing until I met a drummer who is jazz technically proficient. Amazing drummer and really pushed me to what my limits were. Just remember where ever you're at, you will get better bro

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I'm supposed to drum in a band, so for a long while, I ignored the guitar to build my drumming skills. But recently, I've been talking to the guitarist a lot about his playing, and that inspired me to pick it back up. He's way, *way* better than me Just having another player nearby that you look up to does wonders for inspiration
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I get no inspiration to play from my family whatsoever, they could give two shits if I improve on it or not. Being in a band helped alot, because I sucked pretty bad at first (other than playing straight rhythm), nothing like making mistakes in front of tons of people to give you a kick in the ass, but I've been out of the band almost two years now.

I pretty much have to make little goals for myself, even if it's something as simple as increasing the metronome 2 clicks per day for a certain riff or something like that.
If you ever get bored, think about a song you'd like to listen to at that moment, go watch a live version in which you can admire the guitarist while he's playing, then go watch some good covers of it on Youtube. It works for me every time " Damn I love this song... and if HE can do it.. why can't I ?"
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you need a new amp....

but OT, I usually go listen to a band I'e never heard before (or in some cases, several bands) and find a song that I like, learn it, then expand upon that song, ya know, adding your own licks and riffs...try it, its fun

Alternativly, you can find a slow jazz/blues song and just solo along in the background in the correct key...also a great inspirational tool...
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