Hi there,

I am a complete novice so please bear with me on this one....

Is there a program that i can play my songs on my guitar plugged into the computer and it writes the music notes or tab as i play?

I don't know if anything like that even exist, gut Guitar Pro is a great program to write songs by putting in notes or numbers.
Works great for me at least...
A wonderprogram like your talking about would be hard to use, since you have to play completely flawlessly in order to get a correct tab, andI think it's better to just spend a bit more time to get it right anyway.
I just saw it on a Columbo movie!! (murder with too many notes, starring Billy Connolly)LOL

The guy used a keyboard though.
A program like the one you're trying to find would be miraculous, I'd pay a lot of money for it. It would help so much, trying to remember late night riffs or really cool song ideas is so hard and the only practical way of doing it, is recording it via camera to see what and where I played it. Tabbing things out takes a lot of god damn time.

But that idea would be amazing.. SOMEONE MAKE IT!! CALL THE PROGRAMMERS! Oh wait.. I am one. Cbf.
I heard the term autoscore, mean anything to anyone?

or am WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY off the mark???
The only way, currently, a program can transcribe what you're doing is if you use MIDI, like a midi pickup.
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