before i get the 'they're both completely different kinds of delay (analogue and digital)' i'm aware of this!
I really like the looping feature as well as the pretty versatile delay of the dd-7 but i think i'd be able to find a delay more accurate and suited to my liking with an analogue delay pedal

If anybody has any first hand experience with either or could give me the pro's and con's of either that'd be ace as i'm selling a few pedals to upgrade my set up!

p.s - i know you cant use the delay AND the looper at the same time on the dd-7.
used both, and more. personally, i liked the carbon copy alot more. especially since it has a modulation setting, that you can adjust with internal trim pots. it only adds the modulation to the repeats, so you can get some pretty good tones out of it.

the dd-7 can get much longer delay times, but unless you want 2 second delays, don't consider it.
If you want to go analog, I (and a lot of other forum members) will suggest that you look at the Malekko Ekko 616 instead of the Carbon Copy. Much nicer and not nearly as muddy. The modulation is a lot more versatile as well. Same price, and you has teh boutiquez fact0rz.