Hello fellow guitarists!

So today is finally the day i get a proper amp. Ive been playing guitar for close to 2 years now. And since the beginning I've been playing a Spider IV 15w. Horrible, i know! At first it matched my squier bullet strat pretty well in quality and crappyness. But during this year, I've bough two significantly better guitars, a Squier Classic Vibe Tele and a Fender Classic Player strat. And I felt really bad draggin' 'em through this crappy little amp, no way did I utilize their potential.

So today i went out and bought this!

Its a Marshall Class 5 amp!

- Power: 5W
- Preamp Valves: 2x ECC83
- Power Amp Valves: 1xEL84
- Equalisation: Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass
- Internal Speaker: Custom designed 10" 16 ohm Celestion G10F-15
- Headphone output: Jack
- Speaker / Headphone selector: On rear panel. Headphone output optimised for 32 ohms - headphones
- Extension speaker output: 16§Ù (Automatically mutes internal speaker)
- UK Made

Short Review:

Well I only just got it today, but im extremely satisfied. Its only 5w but its very loud still. Right now i live in sort of a small house in the backyard of my moms house, and when turned to 3-4 my mom, 25-30 meters away in a different building, tells me to turn it down a bit. Its only got one channel and no effects, not even a reverb, but i like the simplicity. It breaks up really well when turned at 4-6, and it has a rocking crisp distortion when cranked at high volume.
It manages to catch that reckonlizable marshall sound, and put together with my tele it produces a wicked distortion - think early zeppelin, which was exactly the tone i was going for.
I do believe its a relatively expensive amp, then considering its only 5w. The MA50 which is a full on dual channel 50watt amp, is only 100-150 bucks more. But it really does deliver and is worth every penny. Its also a damn sexy amp, i really like the design and look of this one!
Nice upgrade HNAD!
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The best amp Marshall has put out in decades.

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Oh, and i forgot to mention, i bought it used. At almost half the price of a new one, and its only 2 months old
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
Very nice, Ive heard great things about those. Post a pic of your classic player, I just got one myself and they seem to be the gem of the mim strats, which I already loved.
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Tried one out a little while ago and was pleasantly impressed – HNAD!
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HNAD dude, that looks like a really nice amp. I might check one of those out just to jam on it for a while
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