thanks for the criticism.
Your song let go, lets go sounds great. pure and faultless.
I think that the singing would be a little louder in this song.
need to listen to the rest of your songs
thanks man, thts just issues with the mix, i recorded it all mtself, i can fix tht later tho, yea man, feel free to check out all my stuff and become a fan or watevr
This is a crit for Let's go, let's go.

It's pretty nice pop tune that's easy on the ears. However, I think that your vocals are a little weak. It's definitely got 90% of the goods, but it's a bit wobbly when you hit the lower/higher notes. Also, the vocals need to be louder. At the moment, it just doesn't cut through the mix in a satisfying way.

One note about the song writing. I think the song ended too early. You might have been able to throw in another chorus to complete the song song because right now the ending kinda leaves me hanging.

Hope this helps

Guitar sounds sexy. Vocals are meh. But you're 16 and I know how hard it is to sing at that age. Props to you. The fire is missing from the vocals or something, it will probably just come with time.

thanks for the critiscism btw