I can get them both at the same price - which one is better? I think the Ibanez would hold it's value better and has a better reputation for quality than Jay Turser but I've never played a Turser and this is supposed to be one of their high end ones. Based on reviews I'm not sure there would be too much difference in sound. Any opinions?
I own an Ibanez AF75TDG which I love. The non-tremelo version is a bit cheaper, but otherwise about the same. However, I would recommend trying to play one at a store before buying, I tried a different guitar (same model) before buying the one I have and hated it. So it might be hit-and-miss on them.
so what made you hate it?

the Turser is local and the Ibanez is online. Jay Turser for $325+case and Ibanez for $350 no case.
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The Jay Turser without a doubt. I still beat myself up for picking a Dean over the JT I could have got for the same price when a shop by my house was closing.

They're super nice guitars for the price. They're like Cort and Samick.
Keep in mind that those guitars serve very different purposes. The AG75 has hot modern pickups that clean up well but also do high-gain stuff well. The JT155 has vintage styled pickups suited to cleaner stuff.

As for value, neither one holds it's value worth a damn. Low-end hollowbodies without a tremolo aren't worth much on the used market. On that note, if I were you I would be patient and try to score a cheap one used. I see Artcore hollowbodies on Craigslist for $200 at least twice a week; buy one for that and then slap TV Jones classics in it and you'll have a killer guitar.
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so what made you hate it?

It just didn't play well. It was also a GC "super" sale and the neck pickup didn't even work at all. I might have gone for it with bad electronics for the price (those can be replaced) but the fact it didn't feel good to play on at all just killed it for me.

The one I actually bought, I played a couple chords on it and was in love. I can't really explain the difference though.