Hi guys, thought I'd share a couple of recordings of my band with you. I played the guitar panned to the left and the bass parts in these recordings, our bassist couldn't make the recording session.

These were recorded by a friend of ours in the recording studios at Uni, he's done a great job mixing and mastering it.

We had to record all our parts separately cos we were too busy to make it on the same day, but I think it's come out okay!


Watermelon Man

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A dwarf might hear you. What then?

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Its sounding great! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the recording. Whats the name of your band so I can label it on my ipod
Thanks, man! The band is (was) called The F Minor 7 Experience. We've split up now, cos we've all finished uni and live all over the place.
A dwarf might hear you. What then?

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