erm a dude said he's selling this amp for about 110 bux or something. I played on it once with a strat in a pub, it was dark and it was a jam so i couldnt go check it out but it was really really dynamic... i assumed it's tube. i asked him if it is and he said he wasn't sure. (he'll tell me more on that amp tmaro i guess)

ok anyways, he said it's a Zinn amp (never heard of it, googled; nothing), it's a combo amp. i guess a 1x10". have you heard of this brand???

I'll pour on some more info once i get some and may be I'll get it (i'm jsut low on money so i gotta think well before buying stuff)
My bass Guitar is Zinn.
I can not find anything about it in internet.
Have you ever heard about this brand ???