Really good tone and playing. There definitely needs to be some bass added in there, though. The bit at 0:50 was crazy badass.

You are definitely a fantastic guitarist. That much is really obvious. However, your songwriting seems like it could do with some working. That the bit about 2:01 felt really arbitrary. The transition there just doesn't work for me. A lot of the solo sections don't really feel like they have much context. Really, for all of the technical skill you have, this whole song was sadly forgettable.

You've got the technique down and you executed a lot of really difficult passages really cleanly, but the song didn't seem to be much more than a drum beat and lead parts. There wasn't much sense of direction or melody to this piece, so all of that skill has gone to waste. I remember a number of really neat arpeggio ideas that had absolutely no context or connection to one another.

In short: fantastic sound and technique, but no real song, just a series of ideas without much holding them together.

That sounds really harsh and I did enjoy the piece, but I feel like players of your caliber need to be able to write a song that has direction and movement. Using a lot of ideas is perfectly fine, but you need to work on transitioning better and making those tremendous technical passages have a direction and focus as opposed to just being there to be there, if that makes any sense. That said, I am tremendously jealous of your tone and production. What kind of gear are you using, anyway?

It's a similar kind of style (progressive metal with classical stylings), though not quite as well recorded.
Nice clear tone on your leads. no complaint there. you're a kickass guitarist. i agree with the user above that the change at the 2 min mark was pretty inconsistent with the first half of the song.
my main issue with the song is that your rhythm guitar tone lacks balls. it needs to be louder and have more presence. i'm interested in seeing if the sound improves at all once you get a bass player.

hope this helps

The mixing is terribly good and so is your guitar playing! I don't see what Geldin means by "no real song", it sounds like a well put together technical as hell instrumental with a shitload of changes. Not trying to bag on his opinion though just differentiating mine from his Very, very excellent. Nothing needs to be touched up any more than it has. I didn't hesitate to subscribe your channel.

A work in progress:
Can I ask what gear and settings you use for the distortion?
I can never get a decent tone without sounding all muddy no matter how long I jerk with my rp355
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