I've been playing guitar for a few months now. I can play the basic open chords, barre chords, and some basic scales. My question is, "How should I start to learn songs?" Which types of songs should I start out with, how can I progress to more difficult songs?

Thanks in advance.
Probably the easiest would be slow songs with easy chords. I'm not sure if that's exactly your style, but it's best to work your way from slower to faster, and from simpler to more complex.

Really, it helps ultimately to work on songs you like. It's satisfying when you first learn a complete song.


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Learn songs you like the sounds of, if you need to improve to play them then so be it and you'll need to practice for that but there's really not much else to it.
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Two good fingerpicking tunes to learn are according to me Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin and Romance D' Amour by some anonymous composer. Sure, they could be a little bit hard if you struggle with bar chords or not are used to playing with your fingers - but it's only good if it is so! You will learn a lot. Take your time, learn little by little each day and don't learn it sloppy. Perfect practice makes perfect. Both those tunes are really nice and you can play them without anyone accompanying you

But if they are too hard, just learn songs that you think sounds nice. I think that's one of the best ways too keep yourself motivated to keep playing - to enjoy what you are playing.
Since I'm a begginer like you, I can tell you how I did.
I started with this one song:


there are 4 chords to play there, no barre. It is quite easy, but since I had (have) some problems on rythm, this one helped to get used to following the correct rhitm of the song.

The second one I studied was this, if you don't have rhytm problems, you should try to learn the intro and than play the rhytm guitar's part.


The intro is intresting and the G-F chord succession need some practice to be learnt.

Hope that can help a little.

By the way, learn the songs you like. If they are more difficult, you'll just need to practice more.

What kind of music do you want to play?