I´m new to clean singing, i´m really a screamer but i think getting to know clean vocals aswell would make me much more versatile. (if this is the correct word)

How would i go about starting with clean vocals? How do you practice? I think my breathing exercise for screaming would help singing aswell but how do you train singing notes, singing in different keys, falsetto and vibrato and so on?

Please give me some guidence.

Thanks in advance!

Some lessons with a teacher would be a good start, to get some one-on-one advice. They'll take you through scale exercises, some jazz standards, etc.
Just try singing along to normal music. Like the Beatles, Queen, Oasis, stuff like that. Their vocals cover quite broad ranges and would be useful practice
I'll second the suggestion of lessons.

Here's why: I could tell you, for instance, "practice working on projection and resonance." Great. How the f*** do you do that?

In order to sing well, you need to learn HOW to produce the voice. That is, you need to produce your voice differently than you're doing it now, and if you don't know what you need to change or how to change it, then you're just practicing treading water.

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I know it sounds crazy, but try to learn to inhale your voice. www.thebelcantotechnique.com

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