If the guitar has a tight truss rod, what will happen if I leave it without strings for a few days? What willl happen is the truss rod is loose?
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The truss rod is meant to offset the tension of the strings, and therefore keep the neck straight. If you leave the strings off for too long, it might bow back some, but just how much and how long it will take is subjective to each guitar.
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A few days, don't worry about it.
A few weeks, don't worry about it.
A few months, don't worry about it, but you can think about it.
A few years, Ok, worry about it.
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few days... nothing, it will be fine.
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Ive got a friend who's got his guitars without strings all the time, usually he only has strings on 1 or 2 guitars at a time.. The rest are just left as they are, and they're fine, he's done this for 10+ years and nothing has happened.. And these arent cheap guitars..
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Yeah, I say loosen the truss rod if anything, but if it's setup for .09s or .10s, then maybe that won't even be necessary.