I am interested in two pedals. The Devi Ever "Legend of Fuzz", which is not only a fuzz pedal but it also has the capability to create 8-bit sounds on guitar similar to the ones you could find on the old Nintendo NES system. I'd like to be able to do that, but how would it sound on bass?

Devi Ever Legend of Fuzz demo

Or, I want to get the Way Huge Swollen Pickle MKII. It sounds great on bass. I hear it's a really good pedal. Sure you can't do 8-bit sounds, but it sounds great. They're both around the same price too, so that's not an issue.

Way Huge Swollen Pickle MKII demo

Anyone have any experience with either of these pedals?
I don't know about the 8-bit sounds, but if you want a great bass distprtion box, go with the EBS Metal Drive:

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I'd order an actual bitcrusher, it will work better on bass and can do a decent fuzzy sound.
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I've owned both a Legend of Fuzz and a Swollen Pickle.

The LoF does sap some of your low end, but it's a very cool sounding demo. In fact, Devi just posted this bass+LoF vid on her Facebook yesterday ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFc2fgebjUk&feature=player_embedded )

The Swollen Pickle is a more friendly "band environment" fuzz. It has a bit more low end to it than the LoF.

Having owned both, i'd reccomend either really. If you have an expansive board, and can possibly bi-amp a dry/wet signal i'd go for the LoF just because it has a rad, unique tone. However, if you don't have many other pedals, the whSP is easier to use as a stand-alone pedal.

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How would you say the LoF sounds in a band setting?

In my experience it lost a little bit...

Personally, i like my fuzz Thick, but Articulate.

The LoF is thick, but it lacked a little bit of the articulation i desired.

It's totally USABLE in a band, it just wasn't what i wanted.

HOWEVER: Devi's tweaked the model a bit over the past year or so and i've been told it's more bass friendly now. I haven't played one since i traded mine well over a year ago.
"Punk Rock should mean freedom, liking and accepting anything that you like, as sloppy as you want, as long as it's good and has passion."
From what I've seen, it seems like the LoF loses some of it's low-end, but still manages to have plenty of punch depending on not only how you play, but where the "control" knob is set.